MOBILEMONEY mobile ATMs are compact all-steel kiosks that provide reliable service in all weather conditions

Wireless communication is self-contained within our outdoor enclosure, allowing it to be positioned virtually anywhere.

The MOBILEMONEY ATM incorporates a full vinyl wrap and a 15 foot flag which makes an immediate visual impact at any location. Independent advertising panels can be customized on each side of the mobile ATM for immediate corporate identification and ease in removal if vandalism should occur.  Our historical data shows that mobile ATM wraps can increase transaction volumes by up to 13%, which leads to greater revenue and higher product awareness.

MOBILEMONEY will deploy two mobile ATMs, side by side, in high volume locations.  Dual ATM service reduces lines, increases ATM transaction volume, and eliminates the possibility of down-time. Dual ATM service overcomes lost revenue, customer frustration, cash management issues, unusual spikes in ATM activity, or unexpected delays in ATM repair.

MOBILEMONEY uses wireless technology that is superior in terms of reliability and maximizing the ATM transaction volume at the largest special events in North America.  Our mobile ATMs utilize 3 different cellular providers within one wireless program. This allows our mobile ATMs to choose a wireless carrier with the best coverage and frequency in a particular area. Therefore, if a wireless carrier has an interruption in service coverage, the MOBILEMONEY ATM will change carriers to maintain an open connection with our host processor.  This results in better service, faster transaction speeds, and maximum cash distribution during the peak hours of your special event.

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