Fairs and festivals are looking to embrace cashless payment systems that allow patrons to load cash onto a card, wristband or mobile device which is utilized for payment throughout the entire venue.

By engaging in this cutting edge technology, event organizers gain control of every payment made to their vendors - eliminating theft.   This high level of control increases the promoter’s bottom line through transparency, automation, and cash control.

Cashless integration provides fair and festival patrons with a convenient and secure way to purchase commerce within the special event.  Prior to arrival, a patron can go online and pay for their admission and load value onto their CASHLESS Card. Otherwise, automated kiosks and card value booths are conveniently located throughout the venue.  After the initial purchase, the CASHLESS Card is the standard method of payment for all goods and services throughout the venue.  If funds are depleted, the patron has the option to auto-fund their credit card for additional value.  This payment method is consistent with every vendor, reducing lines and wait time while tracking purchases throughout the event.

The Key Benefits of CASHLESS Events:

  • Complete transparency on all transactions
  • Real time reporting of all sales and purchases within the event
  • Reduced queue times at vendor booths
  • High Speed Connectivity allowing faster transactions times
  • Elimination of cash and currency costs
  • Clean and simple account reconciliation for all vendors
  • Structured marketing programs to encourage on-site spending
  • Full-service program, hardware and software provided
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