CASHLESS provides cutting edge financial management at fairs, festivals and special events.  Our CASHLESS Events System utilizes proprietary software, touchscreen hardware, and a wireless mesh network that eliminates the exchange of cash throughout a venue. In lieu of cash, attendees pre-load value to a personalized CASHCARD to purchase food, beverages, carnival games and specialty rides, ensuring convenience, speed, and accuracy at the check-out line. In addition, the CASHCARD provides a loyalty rewards program that allows consumers to redeem and accrue rewards, VIP status, daily specials, and more.

CASHLESS provides the technology, hardware, and technical support you need to operate an independent financial system. With an unwavering commitment to customer service, CASHLESS provides your vendors with convenient point of sale services. We work behind the scenes to avoid service disruptions to ensure the success of your venue. Learn more at CASHLESS.Net

CASHLESS.  Electronic Currency . . . Anywhere.