The ATM is the touch point of direct interaction with students and faculty who attend and live within the University campus. 

The MOBILEMONEY ATM service channel offers surcharge-free access in convenient locations such as the student union, dormitories, recreational facilities, and classrooms.   Our full-service program guarantees an increase in your current ATM channel uptime with a secure end-to-end financial solution.

College and universities around the country are turning to MOBILEMONEY for ATM programs that utilize skilled technicians, customized software applications, and reliable service.   The benefits include efficiency, problem resolution and advertising effectiveness throughout the entire campus.   

MOBILEMONEY provides state-of-the-art ATM hardware with a consistent look and professional feel of a first-class organization.  The enhanced functions of the MOBILEMONEY ATM offer surcharge-free access, customizable screens, coupon options, and direct marketing opportunities to this unique age demographic. 

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