As the result of large budget deficits, the federal government debt has soared. 

According to the Congressional Budget Office, over the next ten years revenue will cover slightly less than 85 percent of the federal government spending, and the US government debt will rise to 77 percent of the US GDP by 2021. “If federal debt continues to expand faster than the economy-as it has since 2007-the growth of people’s income will slow, the share of federal spending devoted to paying interest on the debt will rise more quickly, and the risk of a fiscal crisis will increase.”

Government agencies are outsourcing their ATMs and financial services to MOBILEMONEY as a creative approach to overcome shrinking budgets and cut-backs in manpower. By partnering with MOBILEMONEY, government agencies can take advantage of a full-service solution that utilizes the latest in ATM and payment technology. The benefits come without the traditional upfront hardware expense and the ongoing maintenance issues.  By leveraging MOBILEMONEY’s expertise in ATM management, government agencies can focus on larger issues, like balancing their budget. 

MOBILEMONEY is a trusted partner for various government agencies, delivering ATM service without an investment and financial risk.  The MOBILEMONEY full-service ATM solution streamlines all related ATM and merchant payment requirements into one simple point of contact.  This frees up human resources and transfers financial services to a qualified and well-respected organization.  This allows government employees to get back to the basics of balancing the budget and creating opportunities for growth.

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