MOBILEMONEY specializes in the strategic placement of new ATM hardware, robust software and a knowledgeable service team that will consistently deliver cash to your customers.

Our agreement with Casey’s General Stores is one example of our ability to successfully install, monitor, and manage a large ATM portfolio. In 2007, MOBILEMONEY installed over 300 ATMs at Casey’s General Stores locations within 30 days. The project involved more than $1.5 million dollars of new ATM equipment and a coordinated effort within a multi-state region. We delivered and unpackaged new ATM equipment; programmed and set-up of customized software ATM applications; removed the existing vendor’s ATM equipment; installed new ATM equipment with customized graphics; routed Ethernet cable from the Casey’s satellite system to each new ATM; forecasted and delivered more than $5 million dollars from the Bank vault to each Casey’s store location, and; repacked and shipped the previous ATM vendor’s ATM equipment to their central warehouse facility. This 30-day project was completed successfully with little or no interruption to ATM service at each Casey’s General Store location.

Today, MOBILEMONEY currently manages over 1,600 full-service ATMs at Casey’s General Store locations throughout 9 states in the Midwest region of the United States. Our proactive service and maintenance approach prevents mechanical and technical problems before they actually occur. In addition to cash replenishment and routine cleaning , our technicians conduct routine quality improvement checks to maximize uptime, avoid common hardware malfunctions and prolong the life of our assets.

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