MOBILEMONEY is dedicated to providing you with superior equipment, support, and service. 

Our Mission is to provide consumers with a MOBILEMONEY ATM that will perform convenient, quick, and safe cash withdrawals, thereby offering a value-added service to proprietors and merchants.

MOBILEMONEY provides immediate ATM repair and customer support through automated systems of control. Our in-house software program, MOBILEMONITORING, tracks all financial transactions, hardware malfunctions, repair diagnosis, and customer inquiries within a single application.  This monitoring solution provides real-time problem solving, behind-the-scene engagement, and proven financial results.

With automated control, MOBILEMONEYprovides service and support to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by monitoring every ATM, identifying concerns at an early stage and resolving common issues before they become problems. By automating the collection of transaction data and taking a proactive approach to service and maintenance - problems are detected quickly and effortlessly.