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Cage Environment

Modern. We set up the Cage with modern architecture that is simplistic, easy to install, and operate with a single power source.

Plug-n-Play – our hardware is easy to setup and operate, which means little, or no training is required.

Cash Payments. PAYAUTH provides reliability, speed, and flexibility in executing cash payments to your customers.

Cage Services

Financial Services. We provide debit, cash advance, electronic check, and lines of credit to players who immediately need large sums of cash.

Customer Profiles. Cashiers can quickly create a customer profile and digital wallet for seamless access to cash at the cage, ATM, or ticket redemption kiosks on the property.

User-Interface. Our user interface requires little or no education to operate, making it easy for any cashier to finalize a cash payment to your customer.

Real-Time Data. Consolidated reporting of all cash access services, customer data, and real-time trends help your cashiers provide better service and support to your customers.

Plug & Play

Our cage solution is bundled into a single, small device that contains a driver license scanner, thermal printer, EMV card reader, responsive touch screen, and a Linux operating system that is fast and efficient.

This powerful cash access and point of sale station operates independently within a cage, casino pit, cashier station, or any location where patrons need to access cash or make a point of sale purchase.