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Agile ATM

The agile atm machine

The Agile ATM is a self-service terminal with modern aesthetics, an intuitive user-interface, multi-touch screen, and Linux operating system that delivers an exceptional customer experience.This 4-of-a-Kind ATM allows players to obtain immediate access to funds through:

Modern Tech

A new self-service ATM kiosk with modern aesthetics, an intuitive user-interface, and a Linux operating system that can drive financial service applications.

Financial Services

Deliver cash to your Players by ATM, cash advance, check cashing, and digital wallet payments.

VGT and Skill Game Redemption

We support cash payouts of check cashing, QR code tickets, prepaid debit cards, and cashless wallet applications.

Ease in Operation

The Linux operating system eliminates costly Windows updates, upgrades, and end-of life software.

Remote management

PAYAUTH software provides real-time alerts, error handling, remote key management, software updates, and more.


The marketing department can remotely push live advertising, videos, and daily promotions with a bright, high topper display.

With end-to-end transaction processing, routing, cash management, and armored car services, CASINOMONEY keeps your players in the game.