Onsite Service & Technical Support

Installation Experts. Time is money, and our installation team will perform detailed logistics and on-time deliveries so that your customers have immediate access to cash.

Local Technicians. Our support teams provide hardware maintenance, technical support, and onsite repair. If service is needed, we solve problem immediately.

24-Hour Help Desk. Our support team answers the phone, listens, understands the issues involved, recommend viable solutions, and take action.

Administration. Our administrative teams are the backbone of our organization. We maintain stability through proven logistics, record keeping, billing, and timely commission payments.

Remote management. PAYAUTH software provides real-time alerts, error handling, remote key management, software updates, and more.

Online Portal. The PAYAUTH online portal provides detailed data to analyze cash services, kiosks, hardware and performance. Our reporting tools are both accurate and aligned with our business goals.