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MM150 & MM150XL

Self service cash to card solution for cashless venues

MM150 & MM150XL provides self-service kiosk technology to convert cash instantly to a Prepaid Debit Card - eliminating the need for cash handling across any venue or cashless setting. With one of the smallest footprints in the industry, our customizable kiosk is offers dual bill validators for redundancy and is stacked with modern technology. Equipped with latest generation of financial services hardware, it is versatile and flexible with a simple customer interface and the largest cash capacity on the market.


Reverse ATM
Cash to Card
Ticket to Card Redemption
Cashless Wallet Load
Loyalty Integration
Jackpot Processing


21.5″ HD color outdoor rated touchscreen monitor

Card Dispenser
Mag-swipe, EMV and RFID issuance. Large Capacity card hopper

Bill & Acceptor
MEI, 2,200 note capacity. Validates against counterfeit.

MM150XL – Dual Bill Acceptors
MEI, 4,400 note capacity. Validates against counterfeit


Depth: 21.5″

Width: 12″

Height: 54″

Card Reader

EMV certified, rollback enabled.

Security Camera

Fraud and chargeback protection

Optional Features

  • Drivers License Reader
  • Contactless Payment Reader
  • High security belt
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Digital Topper