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MM200 – Single Bill Acceptor

Self service cash to card solution for cashless venues

MM200 is the first generation in self-service kiosk technology that converts cash instantly to a Prepaid Debit Card – eliminating the need for cash handling across any venue or cashless setting. With one of the smallest footprints in the industry, our customizable kiosk is stacked with modern technology, a Linux operating system, and the latest generation of financial services hardware. It is versatile and flexible with a simple customer interface and large cash capacity.


Reverse ATM
Cash to Card
Ticket to Card Redemption
Cashless Wallet Load
Loyalty Integration


11.5″ HD color touchscreen monitor

Card Dispenser
Mag-swipe, EMV and RFID issuance. Large Capacity card hopper

Bill & Ticket Acceptor
MEI, 2,200 note capacity. Validates against counterfeit


Depth: 21.5″

Width: 12″

Height: 54″


EMV L1-3
PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified

Card Reader

EMV certified, rollback enabled

Security Camera

Fraud and chargeback protection

Optional Features

  • Drivers License Reader
  • Contactless Payment Reader
  • High security belt
  • Outdoor enclosure